Pixinguinha Project: A story told through the collection of Funarte
A 56 minute Documentary that brings unique testimonials and parts of TV series broadcasted by TVE in 1987.

Doris Monteiro and the memories of the Pixinguinha Project
The singer speaks about the shows she made alongside Lúcio Alves and the beginning of her career in Radio Tupi.

Pixinguinha Project according to João das Neves
The playwright from Minas Gerais recalls his experience as Director of shows in Pixinguinha Project and defends the continuity of the initiative.

The Pixinguinha Project in first audition
Rare recordings from 1977 are the starting point for a conversation between experts on the history of Pixinguinha Project.

Pixinguinha Project: Second part of the audition with comments
Historical recordings are the tagline to remember the performances of experts Jards Macalé, Carmen Costa, Lúcio Alves and Cartola in the Pixinguinha Project.

A thesis on the 30 years of the Pixinguinha Project
Researcher  Gabriela Sandes made a dissertation on intinerant series.

“My life is walking through this country”
The Pixinguinha Project stories according to its participants during the resumption, between 2004 and 2007.

Pixinguinha Project: A documentary that recalls 2005 season
Accompanied by a recording team in all regions of the country, Pixinguinha Project reached the DVD format with a documentary and videoclips.
Part 1
. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10.

Pixinguinha Project 2006: Caravans depicted in a documentary
Testimonials and parts of songs remembers’ the season which completed the cycle of artists selected by the edict released in 2004.
Part 1
. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

A good idea named Pixinguinha
The origins and fundamentals of the Funarte project that was released in Brazil in 1977 and became part of the history of Brazilian popular music.

Cristina and Copinha in “Seis e Meia” Series
Listen to the entire show and watch the video of the audition with comments

The “incredible melodies” and “fantastic humor ” of Ismael Silva by Jards Macalé
Singer and composer Ismael Silva comments on the recordings of  his album, “Peçam bis” (ask for more), which he played with the singer Dalva Torres, in 1988,  on the “Projeto Almirante”.

The first steps of Marcos Sacramento in samba, and the sound of Custódio Mesquita
The singer listens and comments on his recordings of the 1986 album “Custódio Mesquita: nice to meet you”, which joined the Admiral project.

The samba of Wilson Batista and the elegance of Roberto Silva according to Joyce Moreno
Singer and songwriter recalls’ the album Wilson Batista, released by Funarte in 1986, in which he shared lead vocals with the Prince of Samba, Roberto Silva.

Sidney Miller: The composer and the Funarte Hall
A Documentary that highlights the importance of the carioca singer and composer (1945-1980) and the hall that bears his name.

The owner of “Sassarico”
Walter Pinto’s “Teatro de Revista” (vaudeville shows) collection gathers texts, plays, scores and pictures of artists and performances.

Eva Todor on Manoel Pinto’s stage
Born in Hungary, the actress talks about the beginning of her career in Brazil, on the stages of the “Teatro de Revista” (vaudeville shows).

Íris Bruzzi, the first lady of the “Recreio Theater”
The actress, who was married with Walter Pinto, recounts the behind-the-scenes of the “Revistas” (vaudeville shows) in a tribute to the man who dedicated his life to the theater.

Dulcina, actress and theater
A documentary produced from the files of “Cedoc” (Documentation Center) underscores the importance of Dulcina de Moraes and Dulcina Theater in the history of the performing arts in Brazil.

Henriette Morineau: The balance of a life in transit
Actress and Director reviews her career in a statement given at the National Theater in 1976.

Nelson Rodrigues Theater from the privileged vision of Photo Carlos
The playwright’s plays are part of the rich and famous  Photographic Studio led by Carlos Moskovics from the years 40 to 80’s in Rio de Janeiro.

“He hugged me, took me in, gave me strenght”
Star of “Vestido de Noiva” (wedding dress) of 1965, Yoná Magalhães remembers Nelson Rodrigues support in the backstage after an incident at the premiere.

Thelma Reston and Nelson Rodrigues: Memories of a historic partnership
Actress with a career marked by “rodriguianos” characters speaks of her relationship with the author: “The public discovered too late, that concerning authors, Nelson is the most important.

Chat around the work of Nelson Rodrigues
Researcher and actress linked to the  “rodriguiano” universe talks about the importance of the playwright and the dissemination of Nelson’s collection in Funarte.

Helio Eichbauer’s biography
Set designer, considered a reference in theater and in shows of Brazilian popular music.

The history of brazilian theater under the look of Carlos Moskovics
The collection of the Hungarian photographer, born in 1916, registers great moments of the performing arts in Brazil between the decades of 1940 and 1980.

Maria Pompeu’s biography
The Actress divides herself between stage and backstage, with roles on TV and in the movies.

Kalma Murtinho’s biography
Costume designer who considers herself a worker of Arts.

Augusto Boal: A history revived
Creator of “Teatro do Opimido”, the great playwright’s (1931-2009) has his legacy remembered in this video narrated by Paulo José and testimonials of Lima Duarte, Milton Gonçalves and Helen Sarapeck.

The CEDOC and Brazil Arts Memory Project
The Video leads the internet user to see the what happens inside the documentation and information center of Funarte which has some of its relics shown during the visit.

Brazil Arts Memory was an embryo inside the Virtual Channel
The digitizing process of Funarte’s collection began in 2006 and it helped showing the institution at that time.

Digitizing of sound files: an issue of access
The team in charge of the project that brought to the digital format about  2000 sound files, researcher Bruno Tavares, the audio technician Philippe Ingrand and the producer Paulo Cesar Soares talk about the importance of this initiative.

CCPF: Actions and Partnerships
Processing and restoration of photographs are among the works of the Photographic Preservation and Conservation Center of Funarte, which has its backstage shown in this video